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What we do


EARN is one of the two largest providers of goal-based savings accounts in the U.S.  EARN’s accounts, and our online platform, help low-income workers build lifelong savings habits and financial capability. Research proves regular saving leads struggling American workers out of the bottom 20%.

EARN’s own statistics show that participants strengthen their household balance sheets to reach larger goals: the $500 people save for emergencies grow to opening small businesses, saving for retirement and bettering their own lives.



Why we do it: America has an opportunity problem.

Saving money is a critical spark to upward mobility in low-income families. Yet 44% of households do not have basic finances to withstand even the smallest setback or emergency, and roughly half of Americans already live in or near poverty. These statistics foretell intergenerational downward mobility: the American dream in reverse.

How it works: EARN’s record.

Since 2002, 5,200 people have saved $6.2 million dollars. EARN Savers—people who on average make just $18k per year—have learned how to save money. And a full 83% of people continue to save after their programs end. New savings habits and the emergency safety nets, educations and retirement funds they produce, are investments that create prosperity over lives and generations.

Why EARN? No one else approaches this scale.

EARN is launching an online starter account designed for low-income workers who have never saved before. This plan radically departs from the way other nonprofits move because of its scale, its tested incentives and the financial capability the account will build. By 2022, with your commitment, we will help 1 million low-income Americans save $1 billion dollars.


President Bill Clinton and EARN CEO Ben Mangan at the 2013 Clinton Global Initiative
featuring EARN’s Commitment to Action.
EARN’s ultimate vision is that millions of well-informed, low-wage American families will achieve financial success through proven strategies, fair public policy and their own hard work.