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EARN champions national, state, and local asset-building policies that open the door to financial success to low-wage workers.

To effectively promote asset-building policies, we work in three main arenas:


EARN coordinates the Californians for Shared Prosperity coaltion which is focused on mobilizing and organizing Californians in support of financial security for all. The coalition serves as a policy voice for policies and practicies that give everyone access to quality financial products and services, and quality higher education -- proven tools to build prosperity.


The EARN Research Institute evaluates the impact of EARN’s work and publishes original data, sharing lessons learned and best practices. EARN uses this unique grounding in rigorous research and direct service experience to transform the financial services landscape and to champion effective public policies.


Independently and with partners, EARN tests product and programmatic innovations that help demonstrate feasible and sound policy solutions to support the financial success of low-wage workers and their families.