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In 2008, I started saving with EARN. EARN taught me how to save for both myself and my daughter's education. I learned to start saving with just a small amount and never give up. EARN taught me that nothing is impossible if you remember your saving skills. Because of EARN, my dream of becoming a teacher will start with my savings.

- Liyao



"In 2011, I started saving with EARN. My children did, too. Now I am a certified midwife with my own business. Because of EARN, I'm achieving my dream of helping other women through one of the most important times in their lives. And my children also learned about the importance of saving – and they have a mother they are proud of."




"I always tell my son Ricardo that education is the most important thing. I never had the opportunity to get a good education, so I've done everything I can to provide one for him. When I found EARN, my son and I were desperate. He was failing 5th grade and I didn't know where to turn. In 2012, we started saving with EARN. We got him a tutor. Ricardo is now in 11th grade and loves studying math and biology. I'm still saving - Ricardo is going to be the first in our family to go to college, because of EARN."




"In 2002, I started saving with EARN. EARN provided me with a community to support my saving -and my dreams. Because of my optimism, EARN's community and my savings, I have been able to achieve my academic, personal, and professional dreams."