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EARN Starter is a free, simple, online tool that helps you save for what's most important!

EARN is a national nonprofit helping working families achieve prosperity through savings.


America Has a Saving Problem

Saving is the Solution

EARN Starter Helps You Save

47% of Americans cannot access $400 in an emergency without going into debt or selling something.

Families with a savings cushion of just $250 to $749 are less likely to be evicted, miss a payment, or receive public benefits after a financial shock like losing a job.

With EARN Starter Savings anyone can build an emergency fund, kick-start a habit of saving, and build financial stability.

Featured Partner

The Financial Clinic

The Financial Clinic is a financial coaching nonprofit in NYC working to help clients develop savings plans using their online platform, Change Machine. By integrating EARN Starter into their services, not only do clients save more, but they also adopt a habit of saving – a crucial step to achieving financial security.  Amy Cao who is a Program Associate at The Financial Clinic says “The EARN Starter Savings Program does two of The Financial Clinic’s favorite things – encourages consistent savings and puts money in the pockets of our customers!"

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Integrate savings into your organization with EARN's proven solutions.

Words from EARN Savers

"EARN is like training wheels for your savings account. No dollar is too small to save."

"No matter how much you earn, you can save."

"I learned that saving is possible. I've saved almost one month of emergency savings."

"I'm really happy that I decided to save with EARN. I loved this program and am continuing to save."

"I liked the simplicity of the EARN system. I'm grateful to have saved money because my hours at work were recently cut. My savings are urgently needed."

"It was nice seeing my savings add up and working towards a goal. I thought twice about my spending."

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