Buy in to your community.

SaverLife helps families save and invest in their futures.

Buy in to your community.

SaverLife helps Bay Area families save and invest in their futures.

EARN is a national nonprofit helping working families achieve prosperity through savings.


America Has a Savings Crisis

47% of Americans cannot access $400 in an emergency without going into debt or selling something.


Saving is the Solution

Families with a savings cushion of just $250 to $749 are less likely to be evicted, miss a payment, or receive public benefits after a financial shock.


SaverLife Creates Prosperity

SaverLife is transforming the way low-to-moderate income Americans can use financial technology to save money. In 2017, Savers set aside $6.2M in savings.

Words from EARN Savers

“EARN helped me get into the habit of saving a little bit each month and taught me how rewarding it can feel to build up savings. I finished the savings program 6 months ago and have continued to save regularly. It’s a great new habit that will benefit me hugely for years to come.” - Los Angeles, CA

"The EARN Starter Saving Program has impacted my life by making me more aware of my finances and giving me the tools I need to be a better steward of my funds. I learned that every little bit counts as long as you don't give up. Things will come up and life will happen but if you stick to saving it WILL be worth it in the end.” - Memphis, TN

“I saved four thousand dollars as a result of the program in the last six months. I wouldn't have prioritized saving without being in the program, but when an emergency came up, I was less stressed and able to relax with savings. That felt great." - Oakland, CA


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