Our Partners -> Savers in 24 States

EARN is thrilled to have partners bringing first-time Savers to our platform in 24 states.

Non-profit organizations throughout the U.S. are now using the EARN savings platform as a tool to help families achieve their savings goals. For many organizations, this is the first time they have integrated savings into their programs – because with EARN’s savings platform, any organization can be an asset-building organization.

EARN’s partners help their clients manage a myriad of complex challenges. Our simplified platform helps them easily add supportive, habit-changing savings solutions to their portfolio of services. We understand that to have real impact we have to provide effective savings tools to nonprofits, and we must expand our efforts to serve a broader range of organizations. While we have much to learn and a long way to go, EARN is on the road to accomplishing these goals – and the positive response from our partners makes it so worthwhile.

We are proud to partner with so many organizations on the front-line of the savings solution and we are dedicated to engaging deeply with our partners as we work together to solve America’s savings crisis. Read on to hear what they have to say about partnering with EARN.

If you are a nonprofit or an employer interested in partnering I would love to hear from you.

Best with your work,

Megan McTiernan
EARN Senior Vice President

P.S. Our CEO Leigh Phillips will be back next month, so stay tuned for more news.

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Meet Megan Wong!

Megan joined EARN this month to support EARN’s expansion through strategic partnerships. She brings a traditional business skill set, a history of client management experience, and a commitment to our mission of empowering families towards prosperity through savings. One of Megan’s defining memories as a child was seeing her parents’ hand-written notebook tracking all of her family’s income, expenses, giving, and saving. Due in part to her parents’ fiscal discipline and big dreams, Megan and her five siblings were able to all graduate from college debt-free coming from a lower middle-class background in Seattle.

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Our partners ♥ us, too!

Amy Cao is a Program Associate at the Financial Clinic. She works with EARN to sign up clients to the EARN Starter Savings Program! “The EARN Starter Savings Program does two of The Financial Clinic’s favorite things – encourages consistent savings and puts money in the pockets of our customers! Our financial coaches work with customers every day on Change Machine to develop a savings plan, and with the EARN Starter Savings Program, not only do they save more, they adapt a habit of saving – a crucial step to achieving financial security.” A Change Machine client says, “What I love about EARN is the reward you get for consistency. On my Starter Savings Program homepage, my $10 monthly reward is broken down into two $5 amounts – $5 for my monthly deposit (this month, I deposited $40!) and $5 for depositing consecutively since I opened my account in June. I love seeing the rewards rack up!”

Together, we help Savers like Bradley

Last year, EARN partnered with the Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative (TIHDI) to provide the EARN Starter Savings program to TIHDI’s clients. TIHDI’s mission is to connect homeless and low-income families to programs and services that can help them become financially stable and exit poverty.

“We are seeing a shift in our clients because they are expressing interest in savings and putting away funds for emergencies,” says TIHDI’s Services Director Sherryl Hairston, “Many of our clients realize that it may take more time than they expected to find temporary and permanent employment and so having savings is vital for them to get by during tenuous times.”

Bradley, one of EARN’s first successful EARN Starter Savings Program Savers, learned about EARN from TIHDI. Before Bradley found EARN, he’d survived not only a bankruptcy, but also two life-threatening illnesses. His finances weren’t in great shape, to say the least. Finally in good health, Bradley decided it was time to create a better financial future for himself.

So he started saving with EARN. “It was so easy,” he says – he decided that he would make one small adjustment to his daily schedule – he’d make his coffee at home, instead of buying it. And that extra dollar he saved each day went into his savings account. “It doesn’t seem like much,” he says, “just a dollar a day”. Bradley’s emergency fund now contains $4,000. He was able to use the money in his savings account as a down payment on a car – a car that he now drives for UberEATS. EARN helped Bradley establish good financial habits, which in turn led him to save more when he started earning more with Uber.

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