A New Year and New Beginning at EARN

A note from EARN’s CEO.


I want to start 2016 by saying thank you. Last year was a tough one for EARN. The organization weathered several leadership changes, causing delays and setbacks. I am sure many of you wondered what was really going on at EARN and if this much-loved organization was going to make it.


Now more than 100 days in to my job as CEO, I can say with confidence that EARN is back on track. This is in large part due to the faith and loyalty of our funders, partners, Board and staff who stayed with us during an uncertain time.Today, we are looking at a bright and prosperous future for EARN and, most importantly, for our Savers.


Here’s what to expect in 2016:


1. EARN is on track to help thousands of Americans save their first $500 through the EARN Starter Savings Program. Our online platform is solid, secure, and can enroll new Savers in a matter of minutes, anywhere in the United States.


2. Our platform is making it possible for any agency to integrate microsavings strategies into their existing programming. EARN is actively partnering with dozens of organizations to make savings and asset-building a mainstream part of affordable housing, workforce development, financial coaching, and post-secondary education strategies, to name but a few.


3. The EARN Research Institute is re-energized and moving forward with two major projects:

  • a pilot with Kindergarten to College to test the impact of account choice on savings participation rates. Expect results and updates throughout the year.
  • a Randomized Control Trial with the Stanford School of Medicine to measure the impact of saving on physical and mental health; and


4. I am thrilled to share that Megan McTiernan will soon be joining EARN as Senior Vice President, leading our national expansion and partner engagement strategies. Read how Megan saved her First $500.


They say hard times don’t build character, they reveal it. EARN has revealed itself to be committed and tenacious. Now, 2016 is about delivering on our promises and proving the power of the first $500.