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No matter how frugal I was with money, I still constantly struggled to balance the cost of rent coupled with student loan payments.

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I have always lived paycheck to paycheck.

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I have 3 children and the unexpected is always expected.

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As a child, my parents lived from paycheck to paycheck and I saw how heavily it weighed on them.

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I have never been able to save money. My life seemed hopeless and depending on my family to rescue me does nothing for my self-esteem.

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Saving money is sometimes impossible when you're a single mom and doing it on your own.

At EARN, we're turning people into Savers.

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Growing Community

We’ve reached 115,000+ members and 25,000+ Savers. That’s 33% more members and a 85% increase in active Savers.

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Building Wealth

Our families build an average financial cushion of $760. That's 63% more savings than last year.

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Increasing Peace of Mind

Our research shows that EARN helps families kickstart a habit of saving and enables Savers to take control of their financial lives.

Every savings match of $1 creates $30 in savings.

Saving changes people's lives across generations.

With SaverLife, families have saved over $9 million.

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Saving has really boosted my self-esteem, my confidence, and my self-respect!"

Jessica - Greenville, SC

Blanca Solis
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Savings gives me and my family peace of mind. If anything were to happen, we have money to pay rent and food for at least three months.”

Blanca - San Diego, CA

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Now I don’t see my extra money as spendable. I think about it as savings for an emergency situation. SaverLife changed the way I see the money in my bank account.””

Cortney - San Diego, CA