How I Saved My First $500: Megan McTiernan, Thomson Family Foundation.

Megan McTiernanMy name is Megan McTiernan and I’m the Executive Director of the Thomson Family Foundation. I started saving when I was 14 years old by babysitting the neighbor’s kids.  I built a regular list of families and used the funds for all of my spending money throughout high school.

But I didn’t save my first $500 until I was in college. I wanted to spend my junior year in Madrid. I knew if I wanted to see other parts of Spain, I would have to cover my own expenses.  So I worked at a call center that served as payment authorization between long haul truck drivers and their fuel stops. I worked the 6:30am-3:30pm shift for the summer and saved $1,800. That money allowed me to spend a year studying Spanish in class and practicing throughout Spain. It kindled a love for travel that continues to be a reason I save!

Saving my first $500 made a difference in my life. Now is my turn and yours to help others save their first $500. Help someone do the 180 and support EARN. Visit today.

Audrey is the Development Manager at EARN. She is responsible for maintaining and growing EARN’s foundation, corporate, and government funding streams.