Big dreams start with small savings

SaverLife is working. People are saving, often for the first time in their lives.
In just six months, our Savers increase their household wealth by an average of $465.

The simple act of saving money is transformative.

Savings By Design

EARN works with partner organizations across the United States to deliver scalable savings solutions using our powerful, web-based savings platform.

Program Design Options: We work with partners to create custom savings program that meet the needs of their clients. 

Regular Reporting: Our sophisticated reports help partners monitor and understand their Savers' success.

Saver Empowerment: Savers get real-time tracking of their progress and instant access to actionable financial resources.


SaverLife kickstarts a habit of saving and helps working individuals build a financial cushion.

Scalable & Accessible: SaverLife helps anyone, anywhere start saving through a desktop and mobile platform.

Positive Rewards:  SaverLife incentivizes savings to build habits through quick and easy wins.

Human-Centered: SaverLife is designed with key insights from our Savers to ensure their success.

Microsavings Solutions

EARN believes that short-term, flexible savings lead to long-term prosperity.

We work at the intersection of financial technology and inclusion to foster a lifelong savings habit, build financial skills, and increase capital for low-income families.

We engage organizations throughout the country as microsavings multipliers to increase the impact of savings. 

EARN Savers beat the odds

On track to reach 100,000 members signed up with SaverLife by the end of 2017, our community represents a diverse group of hard-working Americans seeking a better life through the power of savings.

Saver Profile

  • $25,160 average income
  • 71% are not saving when they join
  • 61% identify as people of color
  • 84% women
  • 65% single parents
  • 86% do not have a college degree
  • Located in all 50 states


See how saving with EARN transformed our Savers' lives.