Big dreams start with small savings

EARN has helped over 6,000 low-income families save $7 million of their own money since 2001.

Creating solutions to America's savings crisis


Saving provides stability in financial emergencies, mitigates inequality, and promotes economic mobility.

Families with a savings cushion of just $250 to $749 are less likely to be evicted, miss a payment, or receive public benefits after a financial shock like losing a job.

71% of children born to high-saving, low-income parents move up from the bottom quartile over a generation. 


The simple act of saving money is transformative.

Our programs kickstart a habit of saving.

Savings By Design

EARN works with partner organizations across the United States to deliver scalable savings solutions using our powerful, web-based savings platform.

Program Design Options: We work with partners to create custom savings program that meet the needs of their clients. 

Regular Reporting: Our sophisticated reports help partners monitor and understand their Savers' success.

Saver Empowerment: Savers get real-time tracking of their progress and instant access to actionable financial resources.

EARN Starter

The EARN Starter Savings Program kickstarts a habit of saving and helps low-income individuals build a financial cushion.

Scalable & Accessible: EARN Starter helps anyone, anywhere start saving through a desktop and mobile platform.

Positive Rewards:  EARN Starter incentivizes savings to build habits through quick and easy wins.

Human-Centered: EARN Starter is designed with key insights from our Savers to ensure their success.

Microsavings Solutions

EARN believes that short-term, flexible savings lead to long-term prosperity.

We work at the intersection of financial technology and inclusion to foster a lifelong savings habit, build financial skills, and increase capital for low-income families.

We engage organizations throughout the country as microsavings multipliers to increase the impact of savings. 

Meet Our Savers

EARN Savers beat the odds

Our Savers are typically asset-poor, do not have a history of saving, and are unable to take advantage of the tools and services that build wealth. Despite their struggles, EARN Savers save an average of $50/month, boosting their economic security and creating prosperity for themselves and their families.


Saver Profile

  • Average income is just $21,000
  • 76% are women
  • 79% did not complete college
  • 83% identify as a person of color
  • 80% work full-time
  • Located in 25+ states


See how saving with EARN transformed our Savers' lives.


Empowering low-income individuals and creating lasting economic prosperity