Big Data on Small Savings

EARN’s Big Data on Small Savings research unearths rich insights into the financial lives of low-income households. This series provides data-driven perspectives on what works in helping individuals develop financial security.

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Big Data on Small Savings Research

Design Matters

September 2019

Testing hypotheses leads to better outcomes.

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Beyond The Bank: Can Tech Replace Brick and Mortar?

August 2019

SaverLife members are redefining "underbanked".

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Save or Pay Down Debt? Not an Impossible Choice

July 2019

SaverLife data proves it. You can pay down debt AND save.

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The Impact of SaverLife on Employees: Savings Rates Jumped 8.3x in Six Months

June 2019

Employer-supported saving makes a difference

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WEBINAR: Surviving the Shutdown: FinTech & Americans' Resilience

April 3, 2019

The shutdown this year rocked the lives of millions of Americans, particularly those receiving direct support from the government.

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People Who Receive SNAP Benefits Save More Money per Month Than the Average American

May 2019

SaverLife Members who receive SNAP benefits increase their savings rates by 6.4x after joining SaverLife.

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How SaverLife Helped a Family on SNAP Survive

February 2019

Erica’s financial world was rocked by the government shutdown. Learn how having a savings cushion helped her.

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WEBINAR: Measuring Financial Health - Saving is One Piece of the Puzzle

October 30, 2018

EARN shares how we leveraged the CFSI Financial Health Score® Toolkit to measure the financial health of Savers.

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It’s No Gamble: Prize-Linked Savings Works

November 2018

Do prizes motivate people to save more? The results of EARN’s first foray into prize-linked saving are promising.

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There Is More to Saving than Savings 

October 2018

The financial health scores of Savers gives EARN insights into aspects of their financial lives beyond savings. Here is what we learned.

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WEBINAR: To Save or Not To Save: How Refunds Reflect the Priorities of EARN’s Savers

July 25, 2018

In this webinar, we looked into how definitions of saving impact people’s finances during tax-time and the following months.

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A Promise Made, A Savings Account Paid? Lessons From a Tax-Time Nudge

August 2018

Does making a promise to yourself lead to more savings? We tested nudges and prizes aimed at getting families to save their refunds. 

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What Did EARN’s Savers Do with Their Tax Refunds? A Little Bit of Everything

July 2018

What we learned about how saving and spending habits changed after receiving a tax refund.

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Surfing the Tax Time Wave: How Refunds Impacted Saving and Spending

June 2018

Tax season has long been viewed as a golden opportunity for low- and moderate-income families to build a savings cushion. But do people really save their refunds?

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Checking vs. Saving: Where Should Savers Stash Their Cash?

May 2018

EARN wanted to understand if the account types Savers choose correspond to success in SaverLife. The results are clear.

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Income Swings: A Monthly Roller Coaster

April 2018

EARN looked at the incomes of 20,000 Savers and found monthly fluctuations to be not only frequent, but also large. But there are reasons for optimism.

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WEBINAR: Saving in Uncertain Times: The Impact of Income Volatility on Building Liquid Savings

April 18, 2018

In this webinar, we explored the effects of income volatility on the savings of over 10,000 EARN clients and discussed potential solutions.

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Saving in Uncertain Times

February 2018

To learn more about the real experience of income and expense volatility among low-income households, EARN analyzed more than 700,000 financial transactions from 10,938 SaverLife Savers to examine volatility trends on both savings and checking accounts.

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Members Asked, We Delivered: 2017 in Review

December 2017

Over the past year, EARN reached out to many families to find out what more we could do to support their savings. Their answers surprised and inspired us.

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Introducing SaverLife Members

January 2018

EARN’s online SaverLife community empowers low-income households to take control of their financial lives. Members are representative of a broad swath of Americans who struggle to save and are striving to develop financial security.

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Resilient and Resourceful

September 2017

A vast majority of EARN's Members regularly experience months when their income does not cover regular expenses. To manage the shortfall, leveraging social networks and juggling bills were top strategies, while using credit cards and loans were low on the list.

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At the Starting Line

August 2017

EARN's Members take a bold step when they sign up. Although most are not saving and struggle with their finances, they join EARN to achieve financial stability, starting with saving $20 a month.

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Aiming High

July 2017

EARN's online savings programs help lower-income individuals and families across the country save. EARN's Savers choose a goal, a monthly savings account, and link a bank account to earn rewards for saving.

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About EARN’s Data and Methodology

SaverLife’s direct connection with low-income households generates millions of financial, economic, demographic, psychosocial, and transactional data points. Members complete a detailed intake questionnaire upon joining the SaverLife community and have the opportunity to link their personal bank account to the SaverLife platform. A unique combination of real-time transactional data, statistically significant surveys, and qualitative research consisting of interviews and focus groups, enables EARN to unearth rich, original insights.

EARN is committed to the privacy and protection of our members. All data collection is anonymized and secured using best-in-class security protocols.

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