What would your client do with $500?

On average, our users save nearly $500 over just six months!

EARN makes it possible...

We know that millions of Americans struggle with saving. We’ve created solutions to incentivize positive financial behaviors for working families.

...with help from partners just like you.

We partner with 100+ mission-driven organizations across the nation to help individuals build lifelong habits of saving.

We make it easy

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Innovative Technology

With our user-centric SaverLife platform, your clients can take control of their financial futures.



We make it fun and easy for your clients to save with incentives, coaching, and a supportive community.

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Member Support

Our savvy Member Support Team is here to answer your clients’ questions about SaverLife!

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Marketing Resources

We know you’re busy. We’ve streamlined our marketing process to help you share SaverLife with your clients.

We offer a free partner webinar every month. Sign up here to learn more about SaverLife!

Join our partner network

Saving never felt so good. Ready to get started?

Outreach Partner


✓ Client access to SaverLife

✓ Comprehensive marketing and press kit

✓ Quarterly newsletters from the Partnerships Team

Network Partner


✓ All of the Outreach Partner features, plus...

✓ A unique URL to track your organization's recruitment

✓ Dashboard with aggregate data on your Savers

Join our partner network

Saving never felt so good. Ready to get started?


Client Access to SaverLife

Marketing and Press Kit

Quarterly Newsletters

Unique URL to track recruitment

Dashboard with data on your Savers

Outreach Partner (Free)



Network Partner ($3,500/year)

What our partners say

east la community corporation

"EARN provides programming that gets our clients into the habit of saving, and they get rewards. It’s a win for both our clients and us!"

- East LA Community Corporation (ELACC)

Interested in partnering with us? Want to know more?

Email the EARN Partnerships Team at partner@earn.org.