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Why partner with EARN?

Since 2001, EARN has helped low-income individuals and families save successfully. An innovator in the savings field, EARN has won numerous awards and recognition including:

  • CFSI's Financial Solutions Lab - 2016
  • Clinton Global Initiative Partnership - 2013
  • Fast Company's Social Capitalist of the Year - 2005

As a partner, you will have direct access to EARN's expertise in the savings and asset building field. Our research, program development, and experience working with financially vulnerable populations are unmatched.

Partner with EARN to receive the latest innovations in savings!

Our Platform: Savings by Design

Built upon 15 years of experience

Savings By Design is built upon EARN's 15 years of experience running programs and creating products that extend financial stability to economically vulnerable populations.

Using our programs, Savers have set aside over $7 million of their own money for short-term savings and long-term assets. 

EARN has invested in an online solution to bring savings programs to scale.  Our flexible web platform connects directly to Savers’ online bank accounts and provides rewards based on their own saving activity.

Key Features


Your Program

Deliver savings technology at scale

Our savings programs are built for scale.  We have built the technology, raised the match dollars, and developed the outreach materials.  Now we put the product in your hands to help your clients start saving.


EARN Starter Savings Program Features

  • Intended User: Anyone who needs to kickstart a habit of savings! 

  • Program Length: 6 months

  • Reward Structure: For each month you save $20, you earn $10


Update: Applications to develop a customized matched savings program with EARN in 2017 are currently full!  Partners are still welcome to use our flagship Starter Savings Program and share their custom programmatic goals with Partner Team for future consideration.

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