Public Policy

EARN strives to understand the nuanced financial lives of SaverLife members, with the ultimate goal of amplifying the collective voices of low-income, underserved consumers to achieve a more equitable financial system.

What We Do

  • EARN tests product and programmatic innovations that help demonstrate feasible and sound policy solutions to support the financial success of low-wage workers and their families.
  • EARN educates policymakers and partners with organizations and coalitions to promote public policies that reduce poverty and increase savings.

EARN has authored and commissioned studies on a range of issues impacting savings and asset building opportunities for low-income families and low-wage workers. View our reports here.

EARN works in partnership with organizations and coalitions to advocate for savings and asset building opportunities. EARN also partners with government agencies to provide EARN savings accounts to constituents. EARN is also involved with the Californians for Shared Prosperity coalition.