Your dreams are in reach with EARN Starter.

What will you save for?

Free. Easy to use. Bank-level Security.

Invest in yourself

EARN Starter is a free, easy to use program that helps you save for what's most important. You can start saving in minutes.

For every $20 you save, you'll get $10 in cash rewards. In just 6 months, you'll have at least $180 dollars saved from your own contribution and earned rewards.

Whether you're saving to go back to school, a new house, or to pay your bills, EARN will help you get there. Pick a savings goal and keep your eyes on the prize!


I'm saving for my daughter's school supplies.

How EARN Starter Works

  1. Sign up and link your savings account to EARN

  2. Pick a savings goal and amount. You can save for anything you want!

  3. Save at least $20 in your account and earn $10 in rewards each month.

Free. Easy to use. Bank-level Security.


EARN Starter is not a bank or savings account. To participate in EARN Starter, you need an online savings account with a bank or credit union based in the United States that connects to our savings program. 

I'm saving for a new laptop.

Saving money matters

Could you pay for a $400 emergency? Truth is, 47% of Americans can't...

Having just $500 saved can make all the difference. You can't predict when the next emergency will happen, but you can always prepare for it.

EARN is a national non-profit that wants to get Americans into the habit of saving. Get started today!

Copper bowl with coins with sign "If you fear change, leave it here" - possible concpet for fundraising
Free. Easy to use. Bank-level Security.

Savings Tips & Tricks

I'm saving to build up my emergency fund.

EARN Starter members exceed their goals.


"I knew education was the key to a better future. I managed to put myself through college, and Yvonne got a full scholarship at a private high school [...] with the help of EARN’s financial coaching.” - Dametra


"In 2012, we started saving with EARN. We got him a tutor. Ricardo is now in 11th grade and loves studying math and biology. I'm still saving - Ricardo is going to be the first in our family to go to college, because of EARN." - Hugo


“I’m changing the cycles of my family, because my kids are growing up with a totally different knowledge of money and saving.” - Julia

What will you save for?

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