Saver Success Story: Angela

Meet Angela: Angela's dreams for her future aren't extravagant: she wants to have an emergency fund so that she won't have to worry about being homeless again; she wants her 11-month-old son to grow up in a stable environment; and ultimately she wants to save up for a house of her own.

Angela has come a long way already. She moved out of the homeless shelter and into government-subsidized housing, got a new job as a line cook, and enrolled in credit counseling services at Horizon Family Services. That was where, struggling to save, she learned about SaverLife.

SaverLife motivated Angela to start saving for an emergency fund. Since enrolling in the program, she's saved $200 from every paycheck. Soon she'll have $1,000 tucked away.

Angela's favorite part of SaverLife is the weekly financial coaching emails she receives from SaverLife's Financial Coach. She says the emails "make me feel like I'm in control of my money."

Looking to the future, Angela's primary goal is for her son "to have a happy life." Having an emergency fund will help her move past her legal issues with her son's father and history of financial trouble to give her son stability as he grows up.

Already, SaverLife has helped Angela feel "more self-sufficient and responsible" because she doesn't have to ask for favors from her family, making her more self-reliant. She says she never imagined the peace of mind that would come from simply knowing she has money in the bank to fall back on.

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