Saver Success Story: Bradley

Meet Bradley: Before Bradley found EARN, he’d survived not only a bankruptcy, but also two life-threatening illnesses. His finances weren’t in great shape, to say the least.

Finally in good health, Bradley decided it was time to create a better financial future for himself. Friends kept asking him about a “rainy day fund.” “Do you have three months of income in your savings account?” ”No,” he realized, “I don’t!”

So he started saving with EARN. “It was so easy,” he says – he decided that he would make one small adjustment to his daily schedule – he’d make his coffee at home, instead of buying it. And that extra dollar he saved each day went into his savings account. “It doesn’t seem like much,” he says, “just a dollar a day”. But at the end of the year, he had saved $365. Bradley felt good about making smart decisions – he even doubled down on his savings account, saving both with EARN and on his own in a separate account.

Bradley’s emergency fund now contains $4,000. He was able to use the money in his savings account as a down payment on a car – a car that he now drives for UberEATS. And, because he bought an electric car, he gets a rebate from the state. The rebate goes directly back into his savings account. Before EARN, he never would have thought to put that money in the bank. Now, rather than buying something for today, he thinks about what he can buy when the money starts growing in his saving account.

EARN helped Bradley establish good financial habits, which in turn led him to save more when he started earning more with Uber. Bradley invested his savings in creating a better future for himself. Even his health has improved. He says, “Physically, it’s like the difference between eating fast food and going to the store and making food yourself. You just feel better about what you’ve done with your money.”

His advice to current and future Savers? “No dollar amount is too small to save. The money adds up so quickly. After you have your bills paid, take as much as you can and tuck it away – out of sight, out of mind”, he says. “Don’t leave it in your checking – put it in your savings.”

EARN, he says, is like “training wheels for your savings account.” You may already have a savings account and the desire to start using it, but EARN can show you how to boost your savings by putting a small amount of money away each month.

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