Saver Success Story: Cynthia

Meet Cynthia: Cynthia is a proud grandmother of three from Oakland, California. After years of living paycheck to paycheck, she was fed up with having dreams and goals, but no way to achieve them.

When Cynthia learned about SaverLife on the news, she felt like her life had become “one thing after another” – especially with mounting health problems and no savings to fall back on in case of an emergency.

Immediately, she thought of a long-overdue vacation that she wanted to take to visit her family out of state and her lifelong dream to open a floral design business, her passion. “If SaverLife is willing to take a chance on me,” Cynthia thought, “I can make sacrifices to invest in myself.”

To meet her savings goal, Cynthia says the biggest obstacle was committing to saving $20 a month. After that, it came easily. She thinks about it as $5 a week, which feels more doable. She says saving has become “part of my budget.”

After she’s done with the SaverLife program, Cynthia plans to keep saving. SaverLife, she says, means she doesn't “have any more excuses” for not putting money away each month. With SaverLife, Cynthia has learned, “You should always have a plan to set aside money for emergencies - or rewards! You work too hard not to reward yourself by saving.”

Cynthia says she’s been suggesting SaverLife to a lot of people, including her daughter and grandson, who just turned 18 and has started working. “Saving is an investment in your future,” she tells them. “SaverLife is an investment in your future.”

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