Saver Success Story: Cynthia

Meet Cynthia: When Cynthia first learned about SaverLife and the Savers Win sweepstakes, she was skeptical. A single mother in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a member of the "Dream Catchers," an online finance community run by Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche, Cynthia considers herself financially savvy. So she wondered, "why would a company want to give me money just for saving?" But with Tiffany's endorsement, she signed up anyway.

Cynthia says, "SaverLife showed me that every little bit counts when you're saving, even if it seems small." And the Savers Win promotion – which gives weekly prizes to SaverLife participants for saving their tax refund – was an added incentive to keep her savings (and refund!) in the bank.

When Cynthia found out she won $100 from Savers Win, she said she was sure it was a mistake because “I never win anything!”

Cynthia knows first-hand how powerful savings can be. She saved money to move to Charlotte and start law school. Unfortunately, the law school she was attending shut down, leaving her and her young son in a new city with no job. Cynthia’s savings kept her and her son afloat while she looked for a job.

Now that she’s employed full-time work at a property management company, she’s working to build back up her savings. Even though he’s only five years old, Cynthia’s son already has his own savings account, and she plans to grow his balance as he grows. "I haven't taught him about savings yet, but he already knows the value of money and how to spend wisely." Someday, they'll have enough to take a vacation, too.

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