Saver Success Story: Olga

Meet Olga: Olga lives in Reno, Nevada with her family and has worked in quality assurance for the past nine years. While her career is focused on providing top notch standards and customer service, she realized she wasn’t always applying the same skills to her own financial health.

When she learned about SaverLife, Olga was excited because she could get rewards and prizes just “for doing something that’s helping me.”

Olga often saved in small buckets – for Christmas, vacation, and birthday gifts, but with SaverLife, she wanted to focus on building an emergency fund for herself, in case of an unexpected setback. “I have an older car,” she says, “and you just never know when something could happen.” Her daughter is in a two-year college and aspires to transfer to a four-year college. Olga is determined to pay the tuition so that her daughter can focus on her studies.

The first time Olga played Scratch & Save, she won $25. “I thought it was a joke!” she says. “But it went straight into my PayPal account. After that, I was hooked.”

Over the time she’s been in SaverLife, what’s been most impactful for Olga has been the articles she reads on the SaverLife website. “It puts my money more in perspective,” she says. “Other websites are all about spending, and this is about saving. [SaverLife Financial Coach Saundra Davis] touches on a lot of things that I think a lot of us can relate to. The articles are for the type of life that a lot of people have right now – hectic, hard to get started with saving.”

Olga is frank that she’s not at the career level she thought she’d be at her age. But seeing that she is still able to save with her income makes her feel more secure. With SaverLife, “it’s nice to have an outlet where I feel supported.”

Olga’s biggest goal is to be prepared for retirement so that she doesn’t have to worry about the future. Saving, she says, “has made me feel more free and independent.”

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