Saver Success Story: Rose

Meet Rose: As a small business owner, Rose is always hustling to stretch her money. And with 13 different student loans accumulating interest, Rose knows that saving money is crucial to her future. But saving hasn’t been easy for her. Rose struggled to prioritize saving – until she found SaverLife.

When she came across SaverLife online, Rose thought, “I really need help with that,” and hoped that the incentives would help get her started with saving.

Rose set a goal to save $20/month. Her first objective is to pay off her student loans in full so that she can start saving for a home. Ultimately, she’d like to start putting money toward retirement so that she can reap the benefits of all her hard work.

SaverLife, Rose says, helped her focus on her long-term goals instead of focusing on the “here and now.” She’s been thinking a lot about how she can accomplish her goals without taking on more debt – by being more frugal about her business purchases and cutting back on personal spending as well.

“Our country is based on credit card economics,” Rose says. “It’s all about spending, and, until recently, I bought in to that idea as well.” SaverLife’s emphasis on investing in yourself has helped her reevaluate how she spends her money. When she’s making a purchase, she says her first thought now is, “How else could I use this money?” She considers finding a cheaper version, making it herself, or going without the item entirely. For Rose, it’s about being creative.

Inspired by emails from Saverlife’s Financial Coach Saundra Davis, Rose started asking herself how her money affects her and her energy. The turning point for Rose was a series of questions: “Am I happy with how my money is being put to use? Is my money making me happy? Is it buying me a better quality of life?” When she asked the hard questions, she saw that saving bought her greater peace of mind and quality of life than spending.

Now that she’s getting a better handle on her student loans, Rose is looking to the future and how she can use her money to achieve her life goals.

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