Saver Success Story: Trina

Meet Trina: Trina, a San Franciscan who works for the city’s public transportation, dreams of her son becoming a lawyer, a doctor, a policeman. Her son is only five years old – but she’s already planning for his future. Trina knows that college is expensive, so when she saw a bus ad about SaverLife that said you can earn rewards for saving, she was excited. Since signing up for SaverLife, she’s saved every month and saving has become a habit that she plans to continue even when the program ends.

When Trina learned about SaverLife, she was struggling to save – after she paid the bills and purchased her everyday expenses, she didn’t have money left to save. SaverLife was “really helpful” in motivating her to make her monthly deposit so that she could earn rewards.

To help meet her deposit minimums, she’s learned to think of saving as a monthly bill: “I consider saving just like my rent or PG&E bill, an expense that I have to pay every month.”

Since joining SaverLife, Trina says she actually looks forward to making her monthly deposit. Saving every month makes her feel “like I’m investing in my child’s future.”

Trina’s plan is to be ready to pay for college by the time her son graduates high school. Trina’s son loves school and she wants to make sure finances don’t force him to give up on pursuing his dreams. She also hopes to open her own childcare facility, a business that’s in very high demand in the Bay Area.

“SaverLife is an excellent program,” Trina says. “If you get accepted, please pursue it. It will definitely change your life and how you think about what you can accomplish – like me, planning to open my own business in the future and investing in my son’s future.”

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