Saver Success Story: Uzuri

Meet Uzuri: Before Uzuri found EARN, she struggled to save. She tried and failed. Uzuri and her husband have eight children and 12 grandchildren, but rarely gave any thought to her their own future.

Uzuri realized that one day, she and her husband would like to retire – and “not live in a tent,” she says. So she attended a financial counseling workshop provided by her employer, Bridge Housing. It was there that she learned about EARN and she thought that she would try to start saving again, just to see if she could do it.

This time, she did. She didn’t allow herself room for failure. She realized that at 50, she had no money in savings for her future and that retirement was coming up quickly. So she started small with EARN. She says she never saw the money that went in her EARN account – it just goes out of her paycheck, straight to her savings. EARN taught Uzuri that, “I actually CAN DO it. I saved $357 with EARN.” And because of her newfound success, she started saving with her employer’s 403c. Now Uzuri has the peace of mind knowing that every month, money is going straight from her paycheck to her savings. And every January, she ups the amount that goes into savings.

Uzuri shared what she’s learned with her family. Her children have started saving for their children (Uzuri’s grandchildren), too! One of them has saved more than $1,000!

“Do the EARN,” Uzuri says. “Start small. Make a goal that’s reasonable, that’s not going to break your pocket. Just never stop, even when you’re done with EARN. You’ll be quickly surprised at how much money is in there.”

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