The Big Shift: Make America Save Again

A note from EARN’s CEO

We launched our new and improved Starter Savings Program last week at a Washington DC event, sponsored by our friends at Intuit. It was packed with EARN partners, supporters, and friends who recognized the product as a “revolution” for the asset-building field. For me, it also marked the end of an intense and rewarding first year as CEO.
Make America Save Again
The launch of the new platform signaled the end of our beta year, during which we learned a great deal from 700 new Savers. In just six months in beta, we measured a 35% increase in clients establishing a regular habit of savings and a 10% increase in the number of Savers who now have three months of emergency savings. Perhaps most remarkably, despite transitioning to an entirely online experience, our client profile has not changed – our Savers are still 75% women, 90% people of color, and earning less than $25,000.

It’s imperative that we explore and support a diversity of solutions to generate economic stability, as income inequality and volatility continue to increase. We need to come together to accelerate a “Big Shift” towards greater prosperity for working people. EARN’s contribution to this Big Shift is to create greater financial resilience through savings. Our solution is based on fifteen years of direct experience learning from and responding to the needs of our remarkable clients.

For EARN to make a bigger contribution, we made a Big Shift of our own, rethinking how we align our mission of creating prosperity for hardworking families with our quest for large-scale impact. This meant a significant shift from providing direct-services to primarily Bay Area communities to a 100% online approach currently serving clients in 25 states.The Treasurers

With our new platform launched and enrolling Savers at 5X the rate of our beta product, we are poised to achieve our primary goal: shift significant numbers of Americans towards becoming life-long Savers, build a financial cushion to weather life’s ups and downs, and create the stability necessary to reach for long-term dreams.

Check it out at I think you’ll agree, this is the beginning of a very Big Shift for EARN and for savings in America.

Leigh Phillips


P.S. Want to see more of these amazing launch party photos from Washington, DC? Click here.
P.P.S. Thank you so much to our lead funders for helping make this launch possible: JPMorgan Chase, Citi, Ford Foundation, and CFSI’s Financial Solutions Lab.