Wendy: Why I Give

“I support SaverLife because it actually motivates people to save, get on a budget, and live within their means. They might not see the benefits immediately, but they will over the long run – whether it’s for a home or for an emergency fund.” – Wendy

Wendy, a civil litigation lawyer who lives and works in San Francisco, was the first individual donor to support the SaverLife community campaign. When she saw a bus advertisement for SaverLife, a free microsavings program for Bay Area families, on her way home from work one day, it really hit home for her.

Wendy says she’s always been a saver – when she was growing up, she saved everything she could, even her birthday gifts. Her parents taught her that saving money early, and allowing it to grow over time, was the path to home ownership and financial security. She worries about younger people not saving money or putting away money for retirement like she was taught to do at an early age. With research showing that 47% of Americans don’t have $400 in savings, Wendy’s concerns are well founded.

EARN’s SaverLife initiative, she says, seemed like a solution to this problem: “When I saw the SaverLife ad, I thought, ‘Awesome, this could actually help people save – get on a budget, live within their means, and make some sacrifices.'” Wendy knows that saving is hard, and not always immediately rewarding. “They might not see the benefits in the next three or four years, but they will over the long run – whether it’s for a home or for an emergency fund,” she says.

Wendy demonstrates that saving is a lifelong habit, and we’re so grateful for her support in bringing SaverLife to even more people. If you’d like to support the SaverLife campaign, please visit our fundraising page.

Audrey is the Development Manager at EARN. She is responsible for maintaining and growing EARN’s foundation, corporate, and government funding streams.